Roberta Biundo

Roberta Biundo

Roberta Biundo

Assistant Professor, Neuropsychology coordinator of Movement disorders Unit at Neurology Clinic division

Phone (Neurology Clinic): 049/8213626
Phone (Psico2): 049/8276257
Address: Neurology Clinic Division - Padua University Hospital
Via Nicolò Giustinani 5, Padova 35128

Research description

Having five main research interests related to Parkinsons and other movement disorders. The first is to understand and define cognitive and behavioural changes in parkinsonisms (PSP, MSA, CBS, DLB, HD) and their clinical predictors. In this regard, aiming 1) to identify the feasibility and sensitivity of cognitive tests in detecting and monitoring cognitive decline in dementia patients; 2) to implement Italian validation “PD with mild cognitive” criteria; and 3) to build up a healthy subjects database with valid information about cognitive and brain alterations progression from a healthy population-based study. This effort has been recently awarded by an NHS GR-2016-02361986 grant. The second is neuroimaging, with particular focus on the definition of specific brain neurochemical and network changes associated with neurodegeneration. MRI and fluorodeoxyglucose PET are used to understand alterations in brain networks and connectivity. The third is the neuromodulation by transcranial magnetic stimulation, to identify indicators of neurorehabilitation treatment efficacy. The fourth is development of innovative rehabilitation strategies and home monitoring. This effort has been recently awarded by a Horizon 2020 research grant. The fifth is focused on genetic profiles associated with cognitive and behavioural symptoms in degenerative disorders. Also aiming to improve quality of life and resilience of patients using short-term tools and Well-Being Therapy approach (such as Autogenic Training, Psychoeducation, powering a sense of self-esteem and self-control, Habit Reversal Training (HRT) etc.).


Relevant publications

Cognitive/behavioral characterization
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Neuroimaging biomarkers
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Non-pharmacological Treatment
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NHS grant gr-2016-02361986- principal investigator. “Validation of mild cognitive impairment criteria in italian parkinson’s disease patients”. grant value: 344.419

European project pd-pal. horizon 2020 grant n: 825785 palliative care in people with parkinson’s disease. co-investigator (responsible for definition of cognitive evaluations and home treatments) PI: prof. Angelo Antonini. grant value: 3.980.000

European project-PD manager. Horizon 2020PHC-26 topic: Self-management of health and disease. Grant N.: 643706. Co-Investigator (Responsible of definition of cognitive evaluations and home treatments) PI: Prof. Angelo Antonini Grant value:4.300.000