Nicoletta Plotegher

Nicoletta Plotegher

Nicoletta Plotegher

Assistant Professor - Department of Biology

Phone: 049/8276337
Address:Department of Biology - A. Vallisneri
VI floor - North wing
Via Ugo Bassi 58/B, Padova 35131

Research description

Neuronal morphology and function is determined by the coordinated regulation of different cellular processes and pathways. The maintenance of neuronal homeostasis is crucial to keep neurons healthy,functional and to prevent neurodegeneration. In Plotegher lab, we study the molecular mechanisms that shape neuronal homeostasis, with a special focus on proteostasis, autophagic-lysosomal pathway and lipid metabolism. The impact of these processes on calcium signalling and neuronal activity is investigated to understand what is their role in neurodegenerative diseases, as Parkinson’s disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, and to identify novel possible therapeutic targets.


Relevant publications

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Agostini F., Agostinis R., Medina D., Bisaglia M., Greggio E., Plotegher N. The regulation of MiTF/TFE transcription factors across model organisms: from brain physiology to implication for neurodegeneration. Molecular neurobiology 59(8):5000-5023 
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Plotegher N. and Duchen M. R. (2017) Mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration in lysosomal storage disorders. Trends in Molecular Medicine 23(2):116-134.
Plotegher N., Berti G., Ferrari E., Tessari I., Zanetti M., Lunelli L., Greggio E., Bisaglia M., Veronesi M., Girotto S., Dalla Serra M., Perego C., Casella L., Bubacco L. (2017) DOPAL derived alpha-synuclein oligomers impair synaptic vesicles physiological function. Scientific Reports 7:40699.



Michael J. Fox Foundation
SPF - Spastic Paraplegia Foundation Inc.