Elisa Greggio

Elisa Greggio

Elisa Greggio

Associate Professor - Department of Biology

Phone: 049/8276244
Email: elisa.greggio@unipd.it
Address: Department of Biology - A. Vallisneri
VI floor - North wing
Via Ugo Bassi 58/B, Padova 35131

Research description

The Greggio Lab is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms underlying the early events associated with neurodegenerative diseases. To this aim, we combine cellular and mouse models of genetic forms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) to investigate the impact of gain and loss of function mutations on neuronal and glia cells homeostasis. The final goal is to translate the mechanistic knowledge gained from these models into novel pathways that can be targeted in the clinics.

Currently ongoing projects aim to dissect:  1) the molecular mechanisms underlying peripheral and central inflammation in Parkinson’s disease using mutant LRRK2 as a model of disease; 2) the role of the kinase LRRK2 at the synapse and the impact of brain derived neurotrophic factors on striatal postsynaptic function; 3) the impact of the kinase PAK6 on LRRK2 activity and its role in brain ciliogenesis; 4) novel mechanisms regulating SPG11 trafficking and the impact of SPG11 loss of function in HSP models.


Relevant publications

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